Whedon not just directing “The Avengers”

It’s been long rumoured that Joss Whedon would be directing The Avengers for its release in 2012. Based on these San Diego Comic Con quotes, it sounds like he’ll be writing it as well. I have only one question remaining: how soon can I buy my tickets?

6 replies on “Whedon not just directing “The Avengers””

  1. I’ll take three tickets.

  2. hussein says:



    I mean, uh, fascinating news chaps!

  3. Hitch says:

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  4. JD DeLuzio says:

    He’s as close to a perfect choice for this project as I can imagine.

    Maybe DC should consider getting him for that “Wonder Woman” project that keeps stalling.


  5. This. Will. Be. EPIC!

  6. rickyjames says:

    Please. Dear. God. A. Firefly. Crossover.

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