Newspace September 2010

New types of moon rocks and elephant shrews, Batman teams up once more with Scooby-doo, while Rachel Bloom (famous for a certain recent NSFW youtube hit) finally meets Ray Bradbury.

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Remember, “F–k Me, Ray Bradbury?” Well, Rachel Bloom has finally met the noted nonagenarian author. This podcast (ep 63) claims he was amused; we have no word on whether they went to his car.

An odd-looking creature photographed in Africa may be hitherto unknown species of elephant shrew.

Stony Brook University and NASA have identified new types of moon rocks among those samples returned to earth, lo these many years ago. “The Moon is more geologically complex than previously thought” says geoscientist Timothy Glotch, “and we now have to refine our ideas about its formation.”

In other news, NASA acknowledges it must evolve alongside commercial space ventures.

The next season of The Brave and the Bold will feature a flashback to Superman and Batman’s first meeting (how many times have these guys met for the first time?), and, in a sequel to a couple of famous 70s episodes, a return pairing of the Dark Knight and Scooby-Doo.

Jewel Staite provides an amusing take on how Firefly should have ended.

And, since we need some sort of video, here’s the most recent 4chan-inspired bit of nonsense to move into the mainstream (years after its creation) and cause widespread confusion and concern: