Caprica Discussion: “Blowback”

SyFy has cancelled Caprica and holds the remaining episodes in limbo, but Space continues to air them at their regular time. Despite seeing both twists this week well in advance, the episode nevertheless remains one of the strongest ones, and genuinely suspenseful.

  • Graystone convinces the Gautrau to let him continue his research. The mob puts a strict timeline on his work, however, and a price on his head.
  • Lacey and other young people, on their way to a Gemonese Soldiers of the One training camp, find their shuttle under attack by a polytheistic faction. It turns out to be a test of their loyalty. Lacey passes, but she now knows just how extreme her new allies can be. At the end of this suspenseful section, we catch a glimpse of a proto-Cylon.
  • The intrigue and double-crosses continue as our dedicated detective gets closer to Sister Clarisse’s household, and he sacrifices an innocent wife and mother to his cause. We also learn the source of the leak in the police department.

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  1. I have a feeling it’s going to be really good right up to the end… syfy fucked the pooch on this whole mess… if they’d had just held out for a month for the real viewing figures. *sigh*

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