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Effects World Loses Two Greats, Gary Hutzel & Tony Dyson


Visual Effects genius and the man behind the effects of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, Gary Hutzel, has passed away at age 60. Mr. Hutzel, who was nominated for 20 Emmy awards and won four, was also the FX lead for the Battlestar Galactica reboot, Caprica, and Defiance.

MV5BODYwOTM5NDkzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjMwMDMyODE@._V1_UY317_CR51,0,214,317_AL_In other news, the man who built R2-D2, Tony Dyson has also died. After his work on Star Wars, Mr. Dyson set up two clubs in the UK to allow people to build their own R2 units. Builders from those clubs were the ones that built the R2-D2 prop used in last year’s The Force Awakens.

Missed Caprica Last Night?

Several people (own beloved Dave included) had a DVR goof-up since some providers listed the episodes of Caprica as “reruns” and not as “new.” Technically, they have been run before, but not here in the US.

Fear not. SyFy is being benevolent and streaming the final five episodes on their website for free.

It’s nice, but if SyFy wanted to really be benevolent, they wouldn’t cancel the series. But let’s not split hairs.

Caprica Discussion: “Here Be Dragons”

We’ll have a review next week, of the final episode and the series as a whole. This week’s high-stakes episode has the Graystones make their approach on the Angels, Amanda take action against Sam, the Gautrau make his move against the Adamas, and Sister Clarisse bring the war to the Graystones.

Anyone else watching? Are most of our readers waiting until SyFy airs them, in January?

Are we not watching at all?

Caprica Discussion: “Retribution”

Due to the show’s arc-heavy approach, I likely will be reviewing ever other episode this season. “Retribution” had a faster-than-last-season pace and some decent acting. The comic-opera costumes and flourishes have been left behind on Gemenon. I thought Sister Clarisse acted a little too openly– no one saw her set off the explosive device?– but I found this an interesting episode.

Last week the show referenced Julius Caesar; this week, Graystone recalls more than a little Macbeth.

Anyone else?