As previously announced, starting January 1, 2011, there will be a new math lesson posted here every three weeks until all the math that I know has been posted. Half of the lessons for 2011 are now written, and several other lessons heading into 2013 are roughed out on my outline. This is a call for input: at this stage in the planning, the real numbers and basic algebras have been put in place. Based on that, the next lessons can establish geometry, linear algebra, calculus, and more. Which topics do you, our readers, want to see prioritized? Speak your piece below or by direct e-mail. Users of the free (and Free, and highly recommended) yEd software can download the current plan from this link. (Right-click and save to make sure it loads in yEd.) Numbered blocks have specific lessons associated with them, blue blocks are lessons which have been written, and arrows lead from prerequisite topics to later topics. Some topics may be combined into single lessons or divided into multiple lessons as I get to the actual writing. I’ll try to keep that link up to date, along with the Bureau 42 event calendar.