Happy New Year!

We hope everyone welcomes 2011 in safety and with happiness. Meanwhile, enjoy some links (including Plinkett’s long-awaited Sith review):

Plinkett finally reviews Revenge of the Sith. Give yourself some time for this one. (And if you know his other reviews, you know that some of the content may be NSFW).

If you haven’t caught Faith Erin Hicks’ Adventures of Superhero Girl, get it while it’s still fresh.

Buzz Aldrin is angry again, and this time, it’s not at some git who thinks we didn’t land on the moon.

The final Discovery mission experiences another setback.

And, of course, flying cars aren’t going to be commonplace this year, either.


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  1. ‘Bout time Plinkett did that review. Not as long, and 53% less irrelevant creepy content.’

    O, happy new year! I lovyouguysh!

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