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    • Re: I’m…
      Well at least you didn’t end up as The Punisher that doesn’t fit me at all … No wait, it does, looks like the quiz is bang on.

  1. Funny, but broken…
    It’s a funny quiz, but it’s broken. After answering everything, it just kept me waiting for over ten minutes before I decided to go to another site.

    • Broken in another way

      It’s a funny quiz, but it’s broken. …

      Why is this quiz so male-centric? Do they only assume guys would be interested in it? Aren’t there some Marvel superheroes who are female? I don’t think I would mind so much that it said I was Ironman if the questions hadn’t been deliberately made for guys (e.g., how are you with the ladies, are you a pretty boy, etc.).

  2. sknitt!
    Nice, it fits and from the choices and the awnsers I gave I didn’t
    really expect it : )

    Now I hope there will be a DC clone of this fun quiz.

  3. Hey, that’s not too shabby
    I made Spider-man! I don’t have a favorite, but Spidey’s definitely in my top-10 list.

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