5 replies on “Judge rules D&D a threat to prison security.”

  1. I’ve read a few articles and I tend to agree that this is a little much, however, we tend to forget that these are in prisoners, not vacationers. Do they really deserve “escapist entertainment” when the point is to be punished.

    Also, you (and your friend) may want to rescind the “+1 Hammer” joke. The inmate in question is serving time for beating his sister’s boyfriend to death.

    • The issue is not whether prisoners deserve to play a nerdy game or not. The issue is whether or not the game constitutes a threat, as this judge ruled. Anyone who would rule that way should be hit, albeit with nothing more than a cluebat.

      (Also, prison should be as much about rehabilitation, where possible. Whether D&D plays any role there would be, again, another matter).

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