New evidence loosely supports popular SF tropes, lab-grown meat may be available soon, Russia (possibly) loses a satellite, Japan looks to cleaning up the mess we’ve made in space, and a teen’s death ray catches the Net’s attention.

Lab-grown meat may be available soon. But will anyone buy it?

Drake and Roddenberry may have been right: NASA data suggests that planetary systems may be more common than we’ve recently believed. No word on the number of Forehead Aliens we may find.

The Lost World may be an absurdity, but new evidence suggests some dinosaurs survived the mass extinction longer than previously believed.

I’m not certain if any Evangelicals have starting claiming it as evidence of the Garden of Eden, but fossil findings in the Middle East challenge recent notions of where modern humans first appeared.

Russia may have lost a military satellite;
Japan has a plan to clean up all that space junk we have cluttering the skies.

Scottish forensics experts have found a method for taking fingerprints from fabric.

And, since we don’t have a recent video, we’ll link to this one. This American teen made his death ray (and a few problematic claims) several months ago, but for some reason, several sites have picked it up this week:

Finally, depending on where in the world you are, February remains a good time to keep watching the skies!