Firefly Returns….

The original Firefly returns to basic cable. The Science Channel will be rerunning the original series in HD starting March 6, with the addition of some science-based commentary.

As for Nathan Fillion, he says he would gladly play Captain Mal again. (The second link will take you to an interview).

4 replies on “Firefly Returns….”

  1. It’s cool news, but honestly, it’s the same old show. Not that I don’t love it dearly, but anyone that has this much interest in the series has owned the blasted thing for several years now.

    It’s great that Fillon is still interested in going back. If that holds for the rest of cast (and after watching them on convention panels, that seems pretty obvious) then we may just see another romp on the big screen or maybe a mini-series picking up a few years after the events in Serenity.

  2. I concur, that is an evil, evil headline.

    I am beginning to believe that the cancellation of Firefly was the worst network mistake in all of television history, with the cancellation of the original Start Trek slipping into second place.

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