Atlantis found again, dinosaurs grew horny sooner than we thought, a star blazes at room temperature, death and delays in space programs, and more– including updates and reliable donation contacts for the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

A National Geographic documentary suggests Atlantis may be resting in south of Spain. Old ruins, perhaps, but do they have to be Atlantis?

Recently discovered brown dwarf stars further blur the star/gas giant line, and one may even be room temperature. More here and here.

Russia postpones its proposed March 30 flight to the International Space Station.

In a sad coda to a program’s end, a space shuttle worker fell to his death today.

A fossil head suggests that horned dinosaurs got big and horny earlier than we previously thought.

NASA images show the range of the devastation caused by the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Several places take donations. These agencies have good records; take care, as scummy criminal scammers have been taking advantage of the horror and people’s goodwill.