2 replies on “Fringe Discussion: “Bloodline””

  1. Fez says:

    Unfortunately the people behind the plot this week was a bit obvious, despite their various attempts at redirection.

    I wonder what other natural processes they can accelerate in that way, with no apparent ill effects.

  2. Damien says:

    They’re certainly accelerating things in Fringe – Scully didn’t have her baby until season 8 / 9, so they’re *way* ahead on this one?

    Le sigh.

    It just really feels like this show is going to end on a soap-opera moment, thanks to the forewarning of “Peter has to decide which Olivia he wishes to be with”. Is real-Olivia going to have a baby with Peter too, to out-do alt-Olivia? What then? Birthday party contests? What if he decides to have them both and brings both Olivias to one reality & sets up a herem? I mean, why not, it’s just as valid as everything else they’ve done so far :p

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