Movie Discussion: Sucker Punch

Sorta says something that Sucker Punch‘s reviews have been twice as negative as Bitch Slap‘s, but it clearly has some interesting effects.

Anyone feel like discussing this? Did anyone here see this?

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely beat my expectations, although I have to admit they were pretty low.

    I liked the way the story played out, leaving you having to imagine what really happened. The audience sees Baby’s warped interpretation in the first level of fantasy, but we don’t see what happened in reality – only that the Sweet Pea’s escape is successful.

    I was glad they set the tone of the second level of fantasy right from the start: Baby is kicked through the building and gets up without a scratch, so we know this is going to be a super-hero kind of fantasy, allowing us to just accept and go with the flow. The purpose of this level was never that it was a threat – the threat was always at the second level, which was really just representative of the first level. When the second level’s threats manifested, they played out on the third level, but the third level’s threats weren’t important. They were just for entertainment. And yeah, they were pretty entertaining.

    I do think there were some impressive effects. I also think some of the fight scenes (the insanity on the train is the best example) really could have been done better, made clearer.

    I also think Amber and Blondie needed a better introduction – we literally know nothing about them. This makes it a little harder to care when they’re killed.

    Part of me hopes there’s a longer, director’s cut that we’ll see on disk, as it really seemed like a lot of content was missing to make room for long slow-mos (which did get annoying, as beautifully shot as they were).

    There were thoughtful messages – more than I expected from a movie I thought would be all eye candy. For example, that we can all make a difference for someone who needs it and that other people’s lives have their own stories.

    Anyway, a long way from a “good” movie, but it was certainly entertaining and interesting. Mind you, I went to the cheap before-noon showing and didn’t pay for 3D or Imax, so it’s not like I shelled out a bunch of cash for it. :-) There was enough detail and interesting moments, I’m interested in seeing it again, although I wouldn’t pay much to do so.


    • Crap. Apparently spoiler tags don’t work across paragraphs and I can’t edit it. Sorry, for that third paragraph, folks… :-\

  2. It was a fun roller coaster ride. Definitely a see-in-the-theater experience, for matinee price. The soundtrack really supported the extreme visuals.

  3. It was…interesting. I like the twist in the last 10 minutes, though parts of it were deeply disturbing.

    Thematic tone was all over the place, along with the soundtrack which was jarring the first time. (She’s in a 50’s bordello, gyrating to…. techno?)

    Overall, though, I dug it quite a bit. And you’ll either like it or wonder what the hell just happened.

  4. Felt like someone’s masturbation fantasy, except they replace the actual sex with attempts to pass it off as deep. Or empowering. Or something.

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