This week sees the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and a lot of Warner and Universal archive titles from the 1940s, with very little in between.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Adventure Inc. Complete Series
Antique Bakery
Alex: RightStuf got this last week, Amazon is getting it now.
Ga Rei Zero: The Complete Series, (DVD/Blu-Ray), (DVD/Blu-Ray), (DVD/Blu-Ray Special Edition)
Alex: Prequel to the manga Ga-Rei (which has been licensed for release in French and Italian in those countries, but not for a North American release). The Special Edition includes an artbox.
Needless: Collection 2,,
Alex: The hot-blooded and fanservice-heavy action series continues.
Art House
The Red Circle (Criterion Collection)
White Material (Criterion Collection)
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
Confidential Agent
Keeper of the Flame
The Sea of Grass
Tracy and Hepburn: The Definitive Collection
Includes Woman of the Year, Without Love, State of the Union, Adam’s Rib, Pat and Mike, Desk Set and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.
Two Mrs. Carrolls
The Wagons Roll At Night
The Bob Hope Collection Volume 2
Includes The Great Lover, Paris Holiday, The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell, How To Commit Marriage, Son of Paleface and Cancel My Reservation.
Car 54: Where Are You? Season One
Blaine: I promise, the original series is better than the movie from the late 1990s.
Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
All eight Dorf films.
Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1988 and 1989
Country Strong
Dallas: The Movie Collection
Dragnet 1970: Season Four
100 Cartoon Classics
These appear to be mainly olf Fleischer titles, including Popeye, Superman and Betty Boop.
Cars DVD/Blu-Ray combo in DVD packaging DVD/Blu-Ray combo in Blu-Ray packaging
Blaine: One of the better Pixar movies, and that’s saying a lot.
Blaine: Babe was the pig movie nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Gordy was the pig movie rushed into production when the studio heard that Babe was going to be good, so this pig movie could ride its coattails and come out first. One can dislike Babe due to overexposure, but one can hate Gordy upon its first viewing.
H.R. Pufnstuf: Complete Collection Regular Edition, Collector’s Edition
Redwall: The Next Adventure
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One, DVD with Dobby Bookend Three disc DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Copy combo, Single Blu-Ray
Harry Potter Years 1-7 Part 1 Gift Set
The Secret of Dorian Gray
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
Alex: They made several more sequels after this film.
Dracula 2000
Dracula II: Ascension / Dracula III: Legacy
Sequels to Dracula 2000
Music / Musical
A-Ha: Ending on a High Note: The Final Concert
Alex: Region-free import, so I assume it’s PAL. Anyway, while I haven’t listened to an entire A-Ha album, the songs I’ve heard weren’t bad.
Jimi Hendrix and The Band of Gypsies: Live at the Fillmore East
Alex: Two things no longer with us that are on the DVD – Jimi Hendrix, and the Fillmore East.
Alex: Opera about astronomer Johannes Kepler by Phillip Glass (Koyyannisquatsi, and the soundtrack to the film verison of Stephen Hawkings’ A Brief History of Time).
Sherlock Holmes – Greatest Mysteries
Man vs. Wild Season Five
My Boss’s Daughter
Science Fiction
Doctor Who: Kinda (Story 119, Peter Davison)
Doctor Who: Snakedance (Story 125, Peter Davison)
K9 Series 1 Vol 2
Note that, although this is a region free release, it’s also a PAL format release. European viewers can watch it on practically any of their devices, but North American viewers will have a hard time with anything but their computers.
The Crow 2: City of Angels
The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Starring Tara Reid, David Boreanaz, Edward Furlong and Dennis Hopper.
Incredibles Four disc Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo
Blaine: The world’s best Fantastic Four movie.
Sharpe’s Collector’s Set
Blaine: Contains the complete run from 1993-1998.

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “Harry Potter 7 is the hands down winner. Splitting the book into two movies was definitely the right move.” Alex says, “I haven’t seen Harry Potter 7 yet. However, I have seen Sharpe – which is my pick of the week.”