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  1. So far I think the only casting I’ve really agreed with is Amy Adams as Lois Lane. The rest I don’t care much for overall. I’m taking a real “wait and see” attitude on this one.

    Seems like all the movie studios are obsessed with reboots and rehashing the same old movies with some twist, rather than taking the characters in new directions.

    • Definitely. And while a Mister Mxyzptlk / Superman feature film would be too bizarre for a mainstream audience, Darkseid or Power Parasite could work. I suspect Brainiac would feel too much like an amped-up Luthor.

      I’d like to see a Superman and Batman film, but I have a feeling Hell will be fielding a team in the NHL before that happens.

      • Using Darkseid could encourage an entirely new (to the movies) take on Superman, dealing with the larger-scale interplanetary high-powered stuff.

        Dangerous, obviously, since that wouldn’t have nearly the same broad appeal as the usual setup, with Superman and a supervillain in otherwise normal USA. Still, maybe after things like Thor, Green Lantern, and Avengers rake in the cash they’ll consider something like this for Superman. It would be relatively original, at least.

        • Pitch it to the public as “Superman vs an alien invasion” and it could sell. And make sure pre-publicity lets everyone know DC had a character called Darkseid from a Death-Star-looking planet long before Star Wars.

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