China bans time-travel. Discovery returns– and another shuttle may be grounded. Martian Spirit Rover still won’t return our texts. An asteroid will make a close pass. A Georgian woman shuts down Armenia’s internet. Karate Kid dances on a roof to fight cancer.

Gay caveman and more, after the cut.

In a story too weird to be believed, China allegedly has called a halt to shows depicting time-travel—apparently quite popular in that country.

Discovery—the most-traveled occupied spacecraft in history– makes the return trip for the final time Meanwhile a U.S. government shutdown would idle most NASA workers and could ground future flights

It now has been more than a year since we’ve heard from the Spirit Martian Rover .

It may be some time before we see another moonshot, but a lot of photographers got some good shots of last month’s supermoon.

Next November will bring a close look at a
large and potentially dangerous asteroid (pity it won’t be the November after; we could have some fun with the 2012 doomsayers).

Back on earth, an elderly woman hacking away with a shovel shut down Armenia’s internet.

Elsewhere, the press have dubbed this gravesite that of a “gay caveman.” Whatever the truth, it suggests our ancestors may have had some appreciation for the complexities of gender

We don’t have a video for any of the above, so we’ll promote this student-led Canadian campaign, which raises between forty and sixty thousand dollars annually for cancer research and treatment over a six week period. The Bureau has donated an unopened collector’s edition Simpsons Monopoly Game to their Silent Auction, one of the campaign’s many events. Organizers, meanwhile, hope this video will go viral and generate additional revenue. Check out the ersatz Karate Kid around 2:58 and the big guy’s dance moves at 3:26.

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  1. The Chinese Science Council has determined the time travel is an impossibility?

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