Is our universe in a black hole in another universe?

Also, far out explosions, retro-tech, spiders in space (with video), Jeff Conway’s passing, Chinese prisoners sentenced to play WOW, Akira news, and more, after the cut:

A group of researchers claim they’ve found the most distant explosion ever recorded, while a pair of “arachnidnauts” weave weightless webs in space:

Actor Jeff Conway, who appeared in Babylon 5 (though more people know him from Grease), died on May 27. Initial reports claim he died of a drug overdose (he has a history), but others cite somewhat different causes.

Albert Hughes will not be involved in Akira.

A controversy exists over the manufacture of replica Doctor Who
tweed coats. Could a suit be in the making?

Where were you in ’95? Sympatico takes a look at the tech of a bygone era. Some of us remember this world a little too well!

In some unrelated stories, Westboro Baptist Church remain monumental d-bags—while Chinese prisoners play WOW as part of their sentence: