Nemesis Treats

Three weeks. Three disgustingly long weeks until Star Trek Nemesis. While we wait, Paramount has decided to tease us with two treats.

First, there’s a sneak preview of the Jerry Goldsmith’s soundrack. Five 30-second clips give us a glimps into what’s in store for us musically.

Second, (which was already blasted across Slashdot this morning) is a five minute sneak preview of the film itself on Be warned, spoilers abound in these clips.

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  1. I think I could have an orgasm
    Dear lord, that 5 minute trailer actually makes me want to see the movie. sure, they have the "bust em up/shoot em up" bit that we’re used to in trailers (at the end) but this one shows some good solid scenes. here’s what I noticed (i’ll try not to have spoilers.)

    1. The main viewscreen blows out like glass. OK, let’s assume that the display technology is some sort of solid object that can shatter, and it’s not glass, but a kind of plastic. Is this thing really on the *outside* of the ship? I mean, in the enterprise D, it wasn’t a window! (Although the bridge *is* stupidly on the outside of the ship. I’m happy a writer has noticed this and is using it)

    2. The whole battle seems a bit too much like Khan. That said, i think this might be a good thing.

    3. For months, I’ve known the "secret" of Picard’s relationship to the villain. In every preview I’ve seen, I’ve never understood it. But seeing Picard’s face when the villain was revealed was priceless. *He* knew, even if we didn’t.

    4. Data looks *old*. So does Marina Sirtis. where the hell is Dr. Beverly? And why, sweet JESUS, do the seats STILL not have seatbelts? In this particular case, it’s not a matter of being knocked around… it’s a matter of life and death… It would have been a great way to kill of troi….

    5. In the end, this can’t suck any worse than 9, so, it will be better by comparison. Lord of the rings comes out 5 days later… I’m sure we’ll forget this one by then.

    • Re: I think I could have an orgasm

      1. The main viewscreen blows out like glass. Is this thing really on the *outside* of the ship?

      All the blueprints I’ve seen have the bridge facing forward on the top of the saucer. I didn’t view it as “glass” blowing out, but rather the front wall of the bridge that happens to have the viewscreen on it.

      The part I find hard to believe is that after that happens, whatever forcefield generators there are still work. The force field shouldn’t just fill up the hole, it should be across the front of the bridge anchored in undamaged sections of the interior wall. Unless of course they can project a force field, but I don’t recall any indication that that can be done in the trek-verse.

  2. something interesting…
    I guess I should have figured this out a long time ago…
    the Nemesis theory is this:
    There appeared at one point to be a cycle of extinction on our planet. Every few hundred thousand years. The theory was that we had a twin sun, called Nemesis, that was in an orbit that passed by our solar system at about that time, dragging with it debris and rock and asteroids – the kind of things that go “kablewie” in the night. And that this was what caused the meteor strike that killed off the dinosaurs. So let me put it in terms of the movie.

    There’s a great thing, with an evil twin that causes much destruction. hm. interesting. like I said, I should have figured this out ages ago…

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