Film Discussion: Super 8

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  1. I managed to remain unspoiled until seeing the film, and the reviews I did hear ended up being somewhat misleading even though they didn’t give anything away. Make no mistake, it would be pretty intense for the young ones, but it’s by no means a graphic horror flick.

    The group of kids they pulled together worked extremely well. They talked, joked, fought, and worked like they’d known each other forever. The main characters received the most focus of course but we did get to know the others at least enough to care. The movie was actually hilarious, a lot moreso than I had expected.

    Unlike Cloverfield, we at least get a good look at the subject, which helped, especially at the end in the cave when it fully opened its eyes.

    There are some unanswered questions, and some questions about what happened that were even questioned by the kids in the movie but I don’t recall being answered (I may have missed it, I’d love to see it again but it may have to wait for DVD) such as How did a pickup truck derail a train? Though I’m sure the science teacher had a trick up his sleeve… and if the Air Force had the alien for that long, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have experimented on it to find some effective means to disable it. Though for the story it works.

    And the kids’ completed film during the credits is absolutely worth staying to watch. Several people got up as soon as the credits rolled and missed it.

  2. It has been compared–frequently– to both E.T. and Goonies. I liked the former (especially as I got to see it before the hype took over) and wish I could get the two hours back spent watching the latter.

    So, which is it more like?

    • I liked both E.T. and The Goonies and I have to admit I personally love The Goonies more. A lot of people are using those as a comparison to this movie, but I don’t really think a comparison is fair to either.

      The way the friends interact and have a bit of adventure may be sort of like The Goonies in a vague sort of way but the same comparison could be made to other movies like Stand By Me or The Sandlot if someone was looking hard enough.

      I think the comparisons to other movies are what sort of gave me some unwarranted expectations about what might happen in the movie so I’m more inclined to say neither, depending on the context.

      There may be some parallels with E.T. (The alien wants to go home) but the alien itself isn’t exactly something I’d call “Kid Friendly” like E.T.. Unless E.T. had a secret cave where it was keeping humans it kidnapped and was using for food while it rebuilt its ship…. :-)

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