9 replies on “Pixar’s Next Film: Brave”

  1. Video is dead… “Embedding disabled by request” – works fine on youtube directly though.

  2. From what little was there it looks interesting. Scary that I recognized Kevin McKidd’s voice doing the narration, though.

    I’m sure it will be good, as all Pixar movies are, even the ones I don’t think sound interesting from the premise or trailers. Something tells me this one won’t break the cycle, but we’ll see. Need a lot more info to go on.

      • Haven’t seen that yet (and managed to avoid any reviews so far, not by choice, just haven’t seen any either). Is it really that bad?

  3. Once again, the studios are hard at work making sure people can’t directly embed their ADVERTISING.

    • Of course you can’t embed the advertising. They want to track the number of people who are exposed to their advertising through each channel so they know which channel to spend ad dollars in next time.

  4. Yeah, you’d never want to accidentally show your trailer to more people…. ;-)

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