NASA has set the date for the final launch of a Space Shuttle. Friday, July 8th, the Atlantis will make history and close out the 30-year program.

Notes About This Mission:

  • The Atlantis will be carrying 4 tons of supplies to the ISS using the MPLM Raffaello.
  • The Atlantis will be testing the Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM). This proof-of-concept is designed to see if robotic refueling of satellites and spacecraft is feasible.
  • This the 135th Shuttle mission and the 33rd for Atlantis.
  • She will be flying with a crew of four, instead of the usual 6-7 due to the fact that there is no Shuttle available as an emergency stand-by. In the event of a major failure of the orbiter, the crew will take refuge aboard the ISS and return via Soyuz modules.
  • Following her final mission, Atlantis will be retired to the Kennedy Space Center as a museum exhibit.
  • The 166th manned space flight mission for NASA and, as of right now, their final one.