The solar eclipse you won’t see today, lots of weird news washes up from the deep, a teenager may head into space, off-world garbage threatens astronauts, personal jetpacks for sale– and some excellent short films….

There’s a solar eclipse today! I hope the few penguins who’ll see this one remember to use those pinhole devices.

Happy Canada Day! He won’t be going to the moon, but a Canadian teen may soon become the world’s youngest space traveler.

Feeling grounded you’re not going into space? Consider a personal
Martin Jetpack— available for sale, even though the product isn’t quite ready.

Meanwhile, out in orbit, space station astronauts had a close call earlier this week with some space junk.

Who knew? Turns out Sea Urchins see with their whole bodies.

A California Academy of Sciences-led survey found many new species in the Philippines, while China had a sea monster wash ashore—but it’s probably a familiar enough species.

Red Giant has released an extraordinary short film called “Plot Device.” Make sure you stay tuned until the end:

And this awesome behind-the-scenes feature:

And if you missed this Douglas Adamsesque Dutch commercial from awhile back, check it out here:

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  1. Zombies and aliens I can take, but the hipsters in love universe?

    The horror! The horror!

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