Tremors: The Series

Daemonik writes, In light of the apparent cancelation of Farscape, Sci-Fi has decided to make another ……. questionable….. programming choice.

Yes, for everyone who couldn’t get enough of survivalist Burt Gummer in the three Tremors movies will now get to see him splatter giant worms on a weekly basis. Joy.

I don’t know about the two sequels, but the first one was a hoot.

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  1. They Traded Farscape for WHAT?
    I threw the nearest breakable object at the screen when I saw the previews for that show. Money wasted on trash that will be unseen but for the three hillbillies who actually tune into SciFi. Furthermore, how much money does a re-branding effort like the new commercials and new logos cost? Every shirt, business card, commercial, etc has to be changed. Maybe that’s not enough to fund Farscape, but re-branding is one of the more expensive things a business can do, and IMHO they didn’t even get it right. The new logo sucks, and the TV spots are useless. Bring back “I am Sci Fi”, Moby has a new album out doesn’t he? :)

  2. It was justifiable, your honor…..

    I don’t know about the two sequels, but the first one was a hoot.

    The original Tremors movie was pretty good for a monster movie. Nothing really complicated but good fun.

    Then someone decided to make a sequal, which even Reba wouldn’t show up for and she’s on the WB. The big twist was that the giant worms mutate into carnivorous critters that walk. Not as much fun anymore.

    Along comes sequal two, this time with only one person from the original movie. Now the giant worms/walking critters have expanded their evolutionary cycle to include flight by anal expulsion. Yes, they use their ass like jet engines. I guess someone thought this was funny. Somewhere. Maybe.

    I want to meet the ass monkey who gave this series the green light. I want to look deep into the face of oblivious stupidity and then I want to make sure that this twitching autonomous nervous system that has miraculously achieved the capacity for speech yet has no higher brain functions than can cause fits of giddeous laughter at its own excrement can never, ever have the opportunity to blight the rest of humanity by breeding.

    • Re: It was justifiable, your honor…..
      Look, Farscape is gone. Great show…but gone. Why
      does everyone I speak to view every other show, new
      show and miniseries as the reason Farscape got

      As far as Tremors being a crap idea for a TV series…IT
      HASN’T AIRED! How can we know it’s a crap show if
      it’s still on a shelf in New York?

      Give it a chance for graboid’s sake! The last thing we
      need as another show about Arron Spelling refugees in
      a spaceship (no I don’t mean Farscape here) who fight
      sexy women for a living. I for one await the giant worms
      with great anticipation.

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