We’ve got some recent promotional material for Dark Knight Rises, space news, a Star Trek app, and a really weird 70s take on superheroes.

BONUS UPDATE: Anyone wanna buy a twenty-foot-long animatronic triceratops? Only $350,000.00 each, from (Where else?) Hammacher Schlemmer.

The teaser poster for the Dark Knight Rises looks intriguing and, in The Guardian‘s words, “apocalyptic.” No word on this from News of the World.

SpaceX renovates their launching pad to make way for the World’s Most Powerful Rocket. Over at NASA, the Space Shuttle gets an extra day on its final flight while The New York Time ponders what that flight means.

Today, ipad launched its first official Star Trek app.

Earlier this month, Jim Shooter’s blog presented purported details of a late-70s Dazzler project that would have involved Cher, Robin Williams, the Village People, and Kiss.

In loftier news: a mathematical analysis suggests the development of DNA may be written into the laws of physics.

And a doctor in Glasgow has generated headlines everywhere today for noting that we don’t need eight glasses of water a day. No doubt, but hasn’t this been covered many times before?