8 replies on “Complete Farscape in Hi-Def”

  1. This is one of those things in my Sci-Fi blind spot. Caught one or two episodes when it was on, but wanted to see it from the beginning. This sounds like a good excuse to get started on it.

    • Overall I enjoyed the series, though it got a bit … weird … at times, it’s quite enjoyable.

      Also like any good sci-fi, adds some fun new swear words to your vocabulary (Frell, dren, mivonks, fahrbot, tralk, fekkik, hazmot, loomas, yotz…)

    • It’s definitely one of my favorites from the last decade or so. It was just plain fun to watch.

  2. I love that show, but I wonder if they remastered it or if it’ll be blurry blu-ray. First few seasons fo that show weren’t even in widescreen!

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