Captain America director Joe Johnstone wants to direct a film about Boba Fett, which may or may not be a good idea.

Also– superstrong nanomaterial from plant matter, NASA news (they still have some!), Neanderthals in the family, sea monsters from the past, and the largest gathering of superheroes outside of ComicCon. Where in the world is Santiago, Chile?

An Edmonton-based company will start producing a “nanomaterial,” derived from plants, which they say will be stronger than steel.

A recent article confirms what was reported more than a year ago– homo sapiens and homo neanderthalis interbred, and you should probably stop using “Neanderthal” as term of abuse.

Marine fossils, including some sizable mosasaurs have been unearthed in Manitoba.

Thursday, a space shuttle will land for the final time. NASA’s still at work, however, and has chosen its next site for a Martian Rover landing.

Our obligatory videos include The Chilean Legion of Cosplaying Superheroes throng in the hundreds in Santiago to advocate for educational reform:

and a look (of sorts) at a Supernova:

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  1. I’d go & see a Boba Fett movie, esp if George Lucas wasn’t directing!

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