The big space news this week has been the discovery of earth’s Trojan Asteroid. We’ve also got links to stories about private spaceflight, troubling news for those hoping to meet an alien some day, concerns about human/animal DNA splicing, breakthroughs in non-invasive neural interface tech, video of Jim Lee on the DC Reboot, an Avengers trailer, and more!

The space station puts the Welcome Mat out for private companies.

However, it’s not a good week for those seeing ETs: moons like ours may be rare in the cosmos, while a recent analysis suggests a lonely conclusion.

We could make our own other species! Naturally, scientists have concerns about human/animal DNA-mixing.

We’re closer to non-invasive neural interface tech! Can Doc Ock and the Bionic Woman be far away?

Stephen Hawking will visit Canada this fall.

Scientists at the European particle physics lab may soon determine whether an elusive particle really exists.

In this week’s video finds, Jim Lee discusses the DC reboot:

For now, these are what we can see of The Avengers: