Meteors and Medics and Hackers! Oh My!

It’s Perseids time again, most especially for those in the northern hemisphere. Also, below the cut, you’ll find medical breakthroughs, a possible test for the multiverse, a piece of Columbia, hacker news, and video!

A nearly transparent, tattoo-like patch can be used to monitor patients.

A potential cure for leukemia shows promise.

A piece of the shuttle Columbia has been recovered in Texas.

Researchers may have found a way to test for the existence of the multiverse

Hubble takes a shot of the newly-discovered Necklace Nebula

This year, Def Con introduced a kiddie track.

And, of course, Anonymous plans to destroy Facebook on November 5:

Last weekend saw a thoughtful plea to keep funding NASA:

And, in a related video, we see why, at the very least, we might want to fund science education:

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  1. Is anyone placing bets on whether anything will happen November 5?

    Since Harold “No, but I’m right THIS time” Camping’s October 21 prediction for Doomsday isn’t getting much attention, funny thing.

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