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Superman & Lois Review: “Heritage”

Clark takes Jordan up to the Fortress of Solitude in order to introduce him to his Kryptonian heritage and test his powers. Jon, formerly BMOC, experiences troubles adjusting to Smallville High.

After Morgan Edge censors her work, Lois Lane quits The Daily Planet.

The battle-armored Stranger is, indeed, Lex Luthor, but a version from another universe. He claims that a Kal-El destroyed his earth, and that Superman is a threat to the CWDCTVU’s version of our planet.

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Netflix Announces (much of) the Sandman’s Cast

Netflix plans an ambitious series based on Gaiman’s legendary Sandman graphic novels, and today they announced some of the main cast. Some of the actors closely recall their print counterparts; others represent new takes. Tom Sturridge, the Tony-nominated actor also known for such films as the 2012 film adaptation of On the Road and 2017’s Mary Shelley has landed the challenging role of Dream.

No word yet on Death.

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