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Star Trek Discovery Discussion: “Coming Home”

Discovery had a rough start and received a mixed (and not consistently fair) welcome. It developed and, by Season Three, had a new premise that frequently worked. Season Four has featured some strong episodes, but permitted a poorly-handled, derivative story arc to hamper the show. The most recent season came to a conclusion. With one more season than the original series, Discovery still struggles with finding its identity.

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Star Trek Discovery Review: “Rubicon,” “The Galactic Barrier,” “Rosetta,” “Species Ten-C”

Jett Reno returns!

Discovery‘s season finale takes place later this week. We’ve watched some of the strongest moments in recent episodes, and also a few significant stumbles. The last two seasons have been the show Discovery should have been from the start, but the current arc has proved a positive and a negative, for reasons I shall opine on below.

We hope to hear your opinions, too. With the exception of Enterprise, few Trek series have divided fans more.

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Graphic Novel Review: Paper Girls: The Complete Story

The Eisner-award-winning, fan-lauded comic series finally came to its definitive conclusion and a complete, full-colour collection, clocking in a 800 or so pages, became available in October of last year. This year, Amazon will present the first season of its TV adaptation. We offer it as a special New Year’s review.

In 1988, a group of 12-year-old bike-riding paper carriers in a small-town-seeming suburb of Cleveland encounter an SF mystery that will send them careening through time and space.

Note: Paper Girls started publication a year before anyone heard of Stranger Things.

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