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52 #49-52

The account of DC’s missing year finishes with #52.

Only once will spoiler tags will be used in this review. If you read further, expect to learn many things which were revealed in this series.

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Comic Review: World War III

Yeah, we know, but it’s Wednesday….

DC planned 52 as a stand-alone series that would explain how their Universe moved from the end of Infinite Crisis to their current continuity.

Somewhere along the line, they decided to add a four-issue crossover mini-series that answers several of the significant questions.

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Comic Review: 52 #13-16

This is Metropolis! It’s a city Brainiac tries to shrink to bottle size every Thursday. Don’t tell me nothing is on tonight.
–Booster Gold, #15

These issues present a quickly-planned wedding, a Marvel Family renunion, at least three different escapes, the death of a major character, and the apparent loss of another’s sanity.

We’re still in the dark with regards to those missing mad scientists.

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