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And yes, I’m aware that a civil war rages in Syria, human trafficking has been identified as the fastest-growing criminal industry, and apparently, Miley Cyrus committed war crimes at the VMAs. But anyone who pays attention to comics knows that DC rebooted a couple of years back, restarted every title with #1, chucked Superman’s external underwear, and launched the New 52, a project which has been marked by controversial decisions. More than a few fans have taken issue with DC’s reboot. My own thoughts follow with additional links and, we hope, some discussion.

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Review: The Four Horsemen #4-6

Wetched mowtahl! Yuuwd wiw make you watch whiwe he sucks the mawwow fwom yuh bownes!
–Famine (“Yuurd”)
follows Fudd after being super-punched in the mouth.

This six-issue follow-up to 52 features DC’s Big Three and a handful of others battling the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The series ended this past week and a trade doubtless will be released soon.

Is it worth reading?

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Review: The Four Horsemen #1-3

I abandoned Countdown, so I thought the replacement should be another 52 tie-in, The Four Horsemen. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or, rather, Apokolips, have survived their apparent death in 52, and face DC’s four greatest heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and… Snapper Carr?

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Countdown #51-48

Hey! Y’can’t just stop…. This is Metropolis! Stuff like this happens twice a week!
–Annoyed Cabbie, to a driver who has stopped to witness an earth-shattering event.

Following the success of their weekly series, 52, DC hopes to see lightning strike again with Countdown, which maps out the new DCU, the one changed by events from 52. Although the issues count backward from the end of that series (starting with #51), roughly a year has passed, chronicled in the mainstream DC titles.

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