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Disney Investor Day 2020 Announcements and Discussion

While I am not thrilled that a huge mega-corporation like Disney is announcing all of the news I am interested in as a way to reassure their benefactors that they will be making lots of money, I have chosen to view this as a wealthy patron of the arts talking about where they have spread their wealth rather than a greedy factory foreman talking about the products that they are churning out.  That said, if you are a fan of the Disney owned properties like Marvel and Star Wars, there was a lot of announcements, and here is a list of what you can anticipate for the next few years, not just the previously covered Fantastic news.  I hadn’t found a nice, easy to read list, so I figured I’d compile one, and throw in my own commentary.  Also, there’s a 90 second clip of Wonder Woman’s directory Patty Jenkins announcing one of the projects that I felt was best enjoyed without a setup, so watch that before reading more.  Please feel free to comment and add any more details, refute my statements, and/or join in my speculations.

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