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Don’t tell me they forgot the duct tape

The privately-owned Cygnus supply ship reaches the international space station….

All of which might make us think more about off-planet legal and property issues.

On the space station, astronaut Karen Nyberg made this toy dinosaur out of scraps. She plans to give it to her son.

Meanwhile, below the jump: video of the Ohio meteor, last month’s Burning Man, recent Con Cosplay– and this clown:

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Now with 42% more video

String along with Bohemian Gravity:

Cygnus makes its test delivery to the International Space Station:

New research demonstrates how healthier living can alter the aging process.

If you haven’t yet visited Night Vale, you may want to make the trip before Halloween– but do not enter the dog park!

And below, we’ve found several great videos, including a fan attempt at new Batman, a Bureau-crat review of a 90s SF gem, an anniversary of a spaceship, and much more:

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Newspace: Robot Ships may be Mining Asteroids in Two Years

Deep Space Industries plans to send tiny robotic ships to explore and eventually mine asteroids, and they expect to launch the first ones by 2015.

While they’ll have no room for crew, much less a licensed companion, the tiny craft have been designated “FireFly” probes. Habitable colonies form part of the long-range plan.

In other space news, a petition encourages the use of Space Race technology that was previously considered, but not used, to go to Mars.

Video below:

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Bigfoot Study Reveals Samples Contain Human DNA…

…though whether that means, “there’s an actual hairy hominid hiding in the bushes that’s half-human” or “researchers who believe the Sasquatch and similar beasts exist have been testing samples of something that’s been contaminated with human DNA” is another matter.

LiveScience handles the story with some skepticism here, while The Huffington Post covers the story here.

Non-blurry Video below:

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