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2012 Emmy Results

Surprising no one, genre shows were ignored at the nomination level this year. I would say snubbed, but that would indicate a miscarriage of judgment and I don’t think that’s happened this year, just the state of genre television is pretty poor.

In the “main” Emmys ceremony, Jessica Lange won for supporting actress on American Horror Story. You have to dig into the “Creative Arts” ceremony to find any other winners from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror. Namely, Game of Thrones walked away with six for art, costuming, and others.

2012 Emmy Nominees

The list is out and (surprise!) it isn’t good for genre programming.

To sum it up, unless the show was titled “Game of Thrones” or “American Horror Story,” genre shows were basically ignored.

So what say you? Were shows unfairly snubbed or did the genre get what it deserved?