Game of Thrones Leads 2016 Emmy Nominees

Game of Thrones, which this season passed the books they’re based upon, has nabbed 23 nominations this year. You can see a full list here (PDF).

Genre series are scattered throughout the nominations and, unlike the Oscars earlier this year, full of people from a variety of ethnicities.

Watch the full nominations announcement:

3 replies on “Game of Thrones Leads 2016 Emmy Nominees”

    • Definitely getting beyond a joke that she hasn’t got at least one Emmy already, especially since she’s now doing most of the show’s production work as well as playing several distinct roles on the show each season.

      • She deserves it! Not only can you tell when she’s playing a different clone, you can tell when she’s playing a clone playing a different clone! She should win seven Emmies, all in one category.

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