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    • But, isn’t Downton Abbey produced in the UK – and same with Prime Suspect in the past? I think they make exceptions if they’re broadcast in a channel carried in the US, and Doctor Who was getting carried on BBC America.

      • Downtown Abby is a British/U.S. co-production. I suspect that is why it qualifies.

        About American Horror Story. It had strong acting (which is where it has principally been nominated) and some interesting twists, but I found it seriously overrated. However, the new season with new characters and plot might yield something worth watching.

        • The fact that it’s changing every season is a big plus, but could be a big minus. I did not watch most of last season, my wife did and I caught the first few. I didn’t like it, couldn’t get into it, and didn’t see any long-term sustainability — the latter of which has been explained by their anthology-style decision. Since the next season will essentially be a new series sharing only some of the same actors, I will give it another try. Though time will tell if this is really a path to gain more viewers (or lose them), or if it’s just a gimmick.

      • To qualify, a show must have a minimum percentage of its budget from US sources, and this percentage is smaller for a miniseries than for an ongoing, which is why Sherlock qualifies and Who doesn’t.

  1. Not shocked at all to see genre passed over, there really isn’t much on that would be “award worthy” unfortunately. There are some solid series going but nothing excellent to the point where I’d expect it to gain a nomination.

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