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2018 Hugo Award Winners

It was ladies night at WorldCon 76 with women or female-identifying winners across the board. N.K. Jemisin won an unprecedented three-in-a-row win for Best Novel.

This was the first year with new voting rules meant to break up the voting slates that have plagued the awards for the past few years.

Full list of winners follow.

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Sasquan Report

Sasquan was my first Worldcon, which I was pleased to be able to attend, as the convention was in – not exactly my back yard, but fairly close (within a 5 hour drive). This year’s con, has, quite possibly, the most drama pre-WorldCon in a long time. When I drove there, I also got a taste of the other major factor that marks this WorldCon – the smoke. Right now, much eastern Washington state and part of eastern Oregon are currently on fire. This meant that the drive to Spokane was marked by a constant smoky haze, as was Spokane itself throughout the convention. Continue reading →

2011 Hugo Award Nominations Announced

In addition to the 2011 Seiun Award Nominees, the 2011 Hugo Award Nominees were announced today. While io9 has beaten us to the list, where they have speed, we have quality – we have links to the web pages of nominated persons and magazines where possible and Amazon.com links to nominated works (of we weren’t able to link directly to them), plus little bit of analysis. Nominees are below the cut. Continue reading →