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ST: Voyager Review – “The Void”

The Void

First off, my apologies for posting this on Friday and not Thursday. I had stuff on Wednesday night and had to tape Star Trek: Voyager.

Every now and then we get to see glimpses of why the opening credits mention “Based on ‘Star Trek’ created by Gene Roddenberry.”

Tonight was one of those glimpses. Gene’s ground-breaking premise, a starship crew (and a federation) made up of, not only, different races, but different species. And they could overcome anything one episode at a time.

Jump forward a hundred years (Star Trek time that is) and we find the poor hapless U.S.S. Voyager, billions of miles from home. Can the Federation’s high-minded ideals and philosophies work when you don’t have the firepower to back up your morality?

In standard Voyager heavy-handedness, it does. Preachy, but still ‘Star Trek’ down to the warp core.

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