With the original run of the New 52 reviewed by Blaine, I’d like to post a Comic-Book Newspace, with particular focus on a controversy that surrounds the Reboot.

And there’s video.

A thoughtful response to issues raised by DC’s handling of some iconic females in their reboot appears here. But for those of you who prefer the humorous approach, check out the ongoing, amusing analysis of comic-book women and their physics-defying physiques at Eschergirls, or Aaron Diaz’s illustrated look at why the female metahuman costumes could do with redesigns.

For those of you not so interested in these issues, Aaron Diaz has also shared his version of a rebooted Justice League. I’m not sure about a marble Wonder Woman, but we certainly have some fresh takes here.

And for the videophiles, you can enjoy either relevant discussion:

(their earlier discussions include Japanese/American differences, and comic book rape)

Or a super-hero-themed rap video:

For those of you who missed some of the recent controversy, you can read some accounts here, here, here, and here.

Maybe the Hooded Woman of the New 52 is the Batgirl of San Diego.