American Horror Story Discussion: “Murder House”

This show is in three different places in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, and this episode clearly shows that story arcs will dominate. We really don’t get closure on any plot this week, save for learning the fate of two characters we barely knew. I will therefore be saving my next review for the entire first season.

In the meantime, we can discuss the show– on the Canadian timeline, which isn’t as far ahead as the American one, but not so far behind as the Brits’.

Ben becomes increasingly entwined with the house’s past murderous occupants, while Vivien learns more about its twisted past.

Lost and Battlestar Galactica gave us mysteries and clues and eventually revealed that the writers were making it up as they went along. To some degree, the same is true of the granddaddy of contemporary story-arc mystery tv, the briefly-brilliant Twin Peaks. Can American Horror Story renew our faith?