This recent signal from space could be many things, but it does look like the sort of thing a radio-transmitting civilization might send.

Maybe it’s a birthday greeting to Stephen Hawking.1

More below, including disappointing news for Captain Kirk and a very small wire.

Researchers Down Under have constructed a wire in the convenient one atoms x four atoms size.

We have more reasons to doubt possible findings of faster-than-light particles.

As of January 1, botanists can classify species in languages other than Latin, and online. Perhaps that’s the epic change the 2012 doomsayers have been fearing.

If you missed the best space photos of 2011, here’s another link.

Mythbusters would be proud: these students have assembled an impressive vehicle from the scrapyard:

1. Or to my Great Uncle Wesley, who turned 100 this week. (He also appears in this 1917 photo.)