Nonagenarian astronaut John Glenn talks with the space station on the 50th anniversary of his historic flight.

Meanwhile, in cyberspace, Google expects to market glasses that bring the internet to your eyes.

Click for the breaking tales of “Toronto Batman,” developments in a cyber-security story, and Cosplay in Orlando, FLA.

“Toronto Batman” has been generating some laughs and Youtube hits the last few days:

I especially enjoy the reaction of the Metro cops.

Last week, we noted a potentially troubling Canadian cyber-crime bill. Since then, anonymous has threatened Canadian Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews, who had earlier been targeted by a Twitter account called Vikileaks. Toews himself seems taken aback by his proposed bill’s excessive reach.

And, for kicks, here are some cosplayers at MegaCon, in Orlando:

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    • Slave Leia was a scene; Harley became a new and integral part of a ‘verse, and added a new dimension to a villain who’d been around for half a century.

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