Summer School 2012.3: Space and Time

We have now learned why we need the theory of relativity, and what it looks like in its most basic form. Now it’s time to explore some of the implications with the merger of space and time. Again, readers can choose to learn about these ideas either with or without the math.

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  1. Once again, the article marked as “public” is invisible to users who are not logged in, but posting comments seems to fix that. Anyone know why that might be?

    • Chad Cloman says:

      Blaine, there is something else going on here. I logged out and deleted my cookies, and was still able to see the article.

      Other possibilities could be ad-blocking software and having cookies disabled.

      • Chad Cloman says:

        … or maybe even something with Gravatar, although I don’t see how that would cause this problem.

        • Before comments are posted, logging out and deleting cookies makes it disappear again. After a single comment is posted, the article is visible. This has affected all three summer school articles to date, which makes me wonder if it’s related to a tag or category. They were post-dated at various times through January and February, so I don’t think it was a database error in a single day, though I could be wrong on that point.

          • Chad Cloman says:

            Ah, I misunderstood your original statement. So as soon as anyone posts a comment, the article becomes visible.

            Let me see if I have this correct: You’ve already written all of the articles as drafts and are publishing them once per week? So it may be a WordPress error of some sort.

            • Yup. They were all postdated months ago, ending in Feburary, at which time I started working ahead on next year’s Math from Scratch. They appear officially at 0:05 each day, but they don’t appear until I post a comment later that day, unless you are logged in.

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