Newspace: Dark Knight Shooting and More

We have several items today, but I’ll leave out the gag remarks, since several relate to the mass shooting July 19 at the Denver, Colorado premiere of Dark Knight Rises.

Video and other items (including some lighter news) below the cut.

ABC reports on the Dark Knight shooting:

Early reports on suspect James E. Holmes:

Dark Knight Shooting 911 Calls:

In other news:

Disturbing shades of Blair Witch in British Columbia: In another (potentially) grim story, young filmmaker remains missing. He disappeared over a week ago while filming a documentary on the Native Spirit Bear in the B.C. wilderness.

Edinburgh University is offering a course on the search for and implications of finding extraterrestrial life.

The shuttle Enterprise makes its museum debut.

NASA amplifies signals received from space.

Japan sends take-out to the International Space Station, tonight (July 20).

Some kind of cosplay/furry thing in Mexico is getting coverage this week, but here’s their own video from 2011:

Lastly, and most lightly:

1. A child and the Make-a-Wish Foundation foiled “real life supervillain” Rex Velvet.

2.this amusing video on Aquaman turned up this morning on Youtube: