Outer space, superheroes, and the Abominable faux-man in this installment:

Both lend themselves nicely to cheap sexual humor: Modern science considers whether it was a Big Bang or Big Bounce?

What do the Queensbury Rules say?: Recently discovered ‘middleweight’ black hole raises some interesting questions.

Still no longer a planet: little Pluto nevertheless has a fifth moon. Very nice, Pluto! We’re putting that one up on the fridge!

Cryptozoological heat-wave relief: The National Geographic recently received this photo of a snow monster from Mount Rainier.

Meanwhile, back on earth, or someone’s version of earth, The Onion weighs in on the most unrealistic aspect of the Man of Steel

ComicCon Vlog below:

Beginning of a series of vlogs by a ComicCon regular:

And Day One of Cosplayers:

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