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Harry Potter and The Awards of Tony

Not an award we usually get to cover here at the Bureau, but it proved to be a good year for genre plays. Well, one in particular, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The play, a sequel to the original seven books that follows young Albus Potter’s adventures at Hogwarts, won six Tony Awards including Best Play and Best Direction of a Play.

You can see the full results of the award ceremony here.

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2012 Emmy Nominees

The list is out and (surprise!) it isn’t good for genre programming.

To sum it up, unless the show was titled “Game of Thrones” or “American Horror Story,” genre shows were basically ignored.

So what say you? Were shows unfairly snubbed or did the genre get what it deserved?

2011 Hugo Award Nominations Announced

In addition to the 2011 Seiun Award Nominees, the 2011 Hugo Award Nominees were announced today. While io9 has beaten us to the list, where they have speed, we have quality – we have links to the web pages of nominated persons and magazines where possible and Amazon.com links to nominated works (of we weren’t able to link directly to them), plus little bit of analysis. Nominees are below the cut. Continue reading →

2011 Seiun Award Nominations announced

The nominees for the 42nd annual Seiun Awards have been announced, and rather than wait until the winners have been announced like last time, I’ll give a run-down of the nominees, based on a Google translation of a Japanese site with the list, which can be found here. The original versions of the titles are being placed next to the Google Translated versions, in case someone who understands Japanese better wants to translate the titles for me.

The Hugo Award Nominations themselves are being announced this year, and that list will be posted later today. Continue reading →