Big Bang Bee

A recently-identified species of bee has been named Euglossa bazinga. We imagine this pleases Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Peacockasaurus Rex?

A researcher from the University of Alberta suggests some dinosaurs may have swaggered with swag, using their tail feathers to attract a mate.

A Curiosity, found on Earth

A unique, ancient Martian meteor which turned up in 2011 reveals substantial amounts of water.

Forget the fiscal cliff! Let’s get warp drive and cool nacelles!

An engineer petitions the White House to fund the building of the Starship Enterprise. Not even the 100 Year Starship proposal is quite this bold.

Aid for AIDS victims?
A disabled version of the HIV virus shows promise as a treatment for HIV.

Criminal Element:
Some people once blamed lead utensils for the Fall of Rome; could lead emissions have contributed to an historic spike in crime?

Below, you’ll find some thought-provoking and amusing videos, and links to a rather disturbing story, wherein a real-life hive of scum and villainy find themselves up against the hive known as Anonymous KnightSec:

We normally stick with less-grim news here, but the involvement of Anonymous KnightSec in the Steubenville rape case, the leaking of documents and a video of the alleged rapists’ team-mates joking about the event, has put the case, online vigilantism, and allegations of official corruption in the news. You can find information everywhere, including an overview here and leaked and hacked documents and allegations here Note: you will come across the video, now reposted numerous times, and you are warned to watch it at your own risk. I have chosen not to post it here, among less stressful fare.

Nerd Reality Youtube Series: Geek Love Ep 1

Riskbites looks at hot topics for “Risk Science” in 2013:

A brief consideration of the language surrounding space exploration: