Virgin Galactic on the home stretch to commercial spaceflight:

What we really want to do is ask what you’ll be doing this weekend for the Con-nerd-gence, the nerdy convergence of May the Fourth (Be With You) and Free Comic Book Day. This weekend also sees the release of Iron Man 3 (look for a review tomorrow), Canada’s largest Anime/Manga Convention, and a good deal more.

Of course, it’s a Newspace, so we have a smattering of SF and science links below, and some video, including a promo for the forthcoming Axe Cop series. But, seriously, what do you have on for this forthcoming geeky weekend?

Could Time Crystals create Perpetual Motion? Maybe not, but, terminology notwithstanding, the idea has been suggeseted by a respectable physicist.

Do we need Space Custodians? Some Russians space junk nearly trashed an orbiting NASA telescope.

Will Britain ban explicit material from WiFi? Could that even work?

Wanna shake on it? The Space Shuttle’s robotic arm goes on display at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.


Axe Cop will get his own animated series–

–and it already has a live-action fan one running on Youtube. This first part is a couple years old, but it recently acquired a second chapter.

And here’s some cosplay from a ComicCon Road event last weekend in Bangkok:

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