Continuum Discussion: “Minute to Win It”

…and the Season Three premiere, if you live in the U.S.

This week has everyone scrambling over timelines and time travel, as Alec takes over Piron and Liber8 uses technology to make meat puppets of insects…. and people.

Piron has several items in development that we’ve seen in Kiera’s future– though Piron was a different company from SadTech.

Another company has technology of unknown origin.


Alec learns about Maya Atwell’s– Emily’s– past.

We have two people in play who could become future Alec….

Verdict: No review this week, but the High and Low might be:
-the show and some of the acting can be a little rough, and the desire to put the “Word of the Year” in the title leads to some really stupid titles.
Both the plotting of the time-twisted arc and the use of credible future technology make this a standout SF series.