This week we have space exploration and SF-inspired science, including

A realworld Tron lightcycle (recently auctioned for over $77,000.00)

Hulkbuster Armor in progress, by one James Bruton:

While astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, having already represented Starfleet in space and sipped espresso off-world, gives us a tour of astro-hygiene:

More space-toileting below, along with dino-snouted chickens, spots on Ceres, Cosplay and Cons, and more….

How did dinosaur jaws become avian beaks? A recent experiment on chicken embryos suggests possible answers.

NASA’s Dawn spots spots on Ceres. That’s not a typo– but the nature of the spots on the dwarf planet are unknown.

And we soon could have a plane for exploring Venus.

And, if you’ve come for the cosplay, we’ve found some highlight videos of Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia:

And the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo: